The Opera Grand Tour – London to Naples

Naples is the flower of paradise. The last adventure of my life. – Alexandre Dumas 

Join us on a fabulously contrasting tour from London to Naples in June 2025. There will also be the option to extend to include Ravello, Naples & Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast.

On occasions, travel will be by train, rather than large coaches. ( so you must be able to handle your suitcase etc ).  Tours will be limited to just 15 travellers.

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Travel with other music-lovers and enjoy performances of opera and classical music ( with a little folkloric as well ).  We travel from London to Paris, then to Vienna or Venice, Milan and finishing in Naples.

Enjoy full buffet breakfast daily,  savour a variety of local specialties and wines with many dinners included and at least one spectacular ‘long lunch’ .

Each of our hand-picked 4-star ( and occasionally 5-star ) hotels boasts character and charm and each is centrally located for easy exploration on foot.

The Grand Tour was a well-defined pilgrimage for 200 hundred years for ‘upper class’ Europeans. The itinerary, as with ours, was a little flexible depending on events on offer. We plan to start in London with opera at Covent Garden and the ENO ( English National Opera ), then on to Paris. ( by train ) for the Opera Garnier & Bastille. Then,depemdimg on repertoire on offer, we will travel across to Vienna and/or then Venice, Milan and finishing in Naples, with their glorious Teatro San Carlo.  Following the tour, there is the option to continue on to Sorrento and Ravello, nearby

General outline

  • London – 4 nights
  • Paris – 4 nights
  • Vienna – 4 nights  and/or
  • Venice – 4 nights
  • Milan – 4 nights
  • Naples – 4 nights
    plus optional
  • Ravello ( above Amalfi Coast ) – 4 nights ( with bay views )
  • Sorrento or Naples – 4 nights.