Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Q :
” There are many Musical tour companies in the world. What is different about yours ? ” A: We are a truly ‘hands-on’ operation. Every aspect of every tour is conceived by us, developed by us and booked by us direct with our suppliers. This is the reason ( for example ) that we can guarantee Premium seats for the most difficult of venues, such as La Scala, Milan and the Festival Verdi, Parma. Many other companies work wth agencies who buy seats from ticket agencies ( so there are two ‘cogs’ in between ). You will not be sitting on a stool with limited view of the stage. In the case of restaurants, we choose the menu and the wine – personally. With all our meals you will have choices – normally 3 of each course. Our hotels are centrally located and full of character, so it is always a pleasant walk to the theatre or our restaurant. Then, of course, is the fact that Jennifer and Stewart are both performers as well as business-owners. You will enjoy their company and their high level of organisation. There are many little ‘touches’ that are not advertised, but included, which gives these tours a thoroughly unique feel.


Q : ” Why are there no prices or hotel names on the website ? “.  A : Please do not be concerned. We pride ourselves on offering excellent value and unique experiences. We closely guard our carefully nurtured relationships with our valued suppliers. Often our tours attract the attention of competitors – both large and small. For this reason we do not publish our pricing, hotels and other supplier details online. All tours are fully-priced and it just requires a quick call or an email to receive all the pricing details and options.
Q : ” How do I make payment “? : A : There are a number of ways. We accept cheques ( still ), but it is quicker and easier to pay online by direct transfer to our bank account. We also have a credit card facility and there is a link for this on your invoice. Credit card fees are passed on at cost, which is 1.95% for Australian cards or 2.95% for overseas cards.
Q : ” How about if I am overseas ? “. This is no problem. We can send you our IBAN and SWIFT code to pay straight into our Australian bank account. We also have Transferwise accounts to enable you to make ‘same day’ and ‘fee free’ payments in Euro, Sterling, Singapore $ or USD $.

Q : ” How can I secure my booking. ?  A : If a tour is fully ‘on sale ‘ then a deposit secures your place. You can let us know you are coming by visiting the BOOK NOW page.  This will show you ways of paying your initial deposit. We will also confirm your booking by sending a deposit invoice.  After this, payments will be spread out evenly, with final payment due around 3 months prior ( for overseas tours ) or 2 months prior ( Australian tours )
Q : ” What is ‘Reserve My Place” ? A : This is our unique system for enabling clients to secure their place while a tour is being finalised and fully-priced ( i.e. prior to being ‘on sale’ ). This normally starts around 2 years to 18 months before the tour departure. Just $200 ‘Reserves Your Place’ and you are safe in knowing that you will have first ‘option’ when the tour goes on sale ( normally 12 – 15 months prior to departure ). You will receive the priced brochure before our main database and have a couple of weeks to confirm your place. Most tours are fully sold from those you have ‘Reserved’. If you decide not to join us, then your $200 is returned immediately. ( this is not very common ).

Q : “Can you buy travel insurance for us ?”  A :  We have a number of suggestions and a broad outline of what to look for in travel insurance companies CLICK HERE.  We are always happy to assist you in choosing a couple of options to try, but it is always better you do the policy purchase yourself to ensure all medical information is 100% correct. If you are a current client, have been trying to buy over the phone and cannot easily access the internet, then we can help get your policy booked if the company offers online applications for policies.  Just give us a call on 1300 308 385.
Q : ” Do I need travel insurance for Domestic Travel ? “ A: Yes. While you are covered for medical treatment under Medicare, Domestic Travel Insurance gives you essential cover in case you have to cancel prior to a trip due to illness or injury. Normally they offer a number of other benefits ( such as lost luggage, possessions etc ).

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