About Operatif!

From Intimate Daytime Concerts to
Large Outdoor Events to fully-staged Operas…


In 1994, when OPERATIF! and colleagues received a standing ovation for their first performance at Old Government House, a unique arts company was born. From this enthusiastic beginning, with cries of ‘when is the next one?’ soprano Jennifer Parish and baritone Stewart Cameron went on to establish an independent performance company.

In the years that followed OPERATIF! operated on a full-time basis, producing acclaimed seasons of opera, opera festivals, special & corporate events and much-anticipated concert subscription seasons. They offered performance opportunities to many talented colleagues and pleased audiences of all ages.  CLICK TO SAMPLE OPERATIF!

Over two decades on, the couple still offers performances when time allows but increasingly, the demand for ‘encore’ refers to their own Music Lovers Tours. A move in a slightly different direction to offer musical travel has been embraced just as quickly and enthusiastically as was OPERATIF! years ago. Many performance clients quickly became travel clients and now that word has spread, more eager travellers are lining up. In the coming years, Stewart and Jennifer will take to the stage again, performing alongside colleagues in their mini-Festival Holiday in the Pacific. This is a concept they have taken to several South Pacific locations with great success, including Norfolk Island, Samoa and Tonga.

Should the opportunity present itself, it is not uncommon for Stewart or Jennifer to give a little impromptu performance whilst on tour in Europe – especially in Italy, their ‘second home’!
To read more about OPERATIF, go to the OPERATIF website at www.operatif.com.au